Please help me with TV episodes that aren't scraping properly

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Hi! I'm relatively new to XBMC and am having issues with TV eps being scraped inconsistently.

I normally leave all of my video in the original uncompressed, archived format (.rar), also leaving the filenames intact and I stream them from a nas.

What, exactly, does the scraper look at...the folder name, the .rar file name (bb101-clue.rar), or the actual video file inside the archive (bb101-clue.mkv)?
Is it possible to avoid renaming files by including an .nfo in the episode folder? If so, what information besides Series Title, Season and Episode Number (SxxExx) and imdb or thetvdb url.

I've read the wiki and it doesn't seem to address my particular situation...What I mean is, I understand the recommended naming conventions, but are they mandatory or are there workarounds?

Here is an example of a currently named setup that isn't scraping properly:
[TV]/Breaking Bad/Season 1/Breaking Bad s01e01/(bb101-clue.rar - bb101-clue.rxx) + bb101-clue.nfo

Thanks! Smile

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Make life easy. Unrar and name correctly.

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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the advice and I realize that is an option, but I would prefer not to go this route if there are alternatives, allowing me to keep my files intact.
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It looks at the filename inside the rar, yes. The default regexps won't pick up bb101. The regexp with '101' support requires a separator (space, period etc.) in the front.

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