Use an XBMC as a remote control between another XBMC and a DLNA audio player

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I have the following setup :

- Living room :
* TV with a computer plugged to my XBMC box; library setup using MySQL.

- Kitchen :
* Sony DLNA audio receiver.

- Handheld :
* Nexus 7

I would like to know if it is possible, using the Nexus7, to ask the XBMC server to send audio to the DLNA receiver without transiting by the tablet (it might move in wifi-less areas of my home if my lil'sister takes it for instance) ? (And this, as a default, if possible).
Also, the DLNA receiver seems to be unable to handle FLAC audio, and it's how I encoded all of my parent's CD collection... Is there a way (I don't mind installing a third party app as long as it's running Linux and doesn't require a GUI!) to transcode audio on the fly only if going the the DLNA receiver ?

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