trouble changing channels

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I'm very new to this and appreciate your patience with me. =)
I am running tvheadend with a Hauppauge 950Q receiver on a Raspberry Pi B. I am (for the moment) connecting to it via XBMC running on a MacBook Pro. I get very nice reception when it works. The main problem I'm having now is that channel changes do not always work. When I change channels I get this message in the terminal where I ran tvheadend from about half of the time:
2014-07-19 12:21:10.806 [ NOTICE] subscription: No transponder available for subscription " [ XBMC Media Center ]" to channel "KCBS-SD"
I suspect it's a timing thing as it does work fairly often.
Anyone have any thoughts or fixes I could try?
Thank you in advance!
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