wont put folder.jpg in season folder?

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I have mainly been using mcm for scraping, but wanted to look at Ember as it was recommended to me for XBMC installs (currently using an adroid box with xbmx frodo and bello skin)

It seems to scrape everything really well apart from two things i can't figure out

I was using the latest 1.3 release and assumed that selecting folder.jpg for season poster and fanart.jpg would give me these files in the season sub-folders, but it doesn't seem to do this, it still puts them in the root series folder with the season names as the file title?

I tried with beta 1.4 and couldn't see the option for downloading the folder.jpg specifically, although i did choose frodo

the shows are on a synology NAS box, i wondered if this was causing a problem, but it seems to scrape everything as expected otherwise

Oddly when scaping with 1.3, sometimes, not all seasons of a show will appear in the seasons window...

Am i doing something wrong, or is it my understanding of how artwork is display incorrect.

The bello theme I use shows the season folder when in the relevant season, but only if the art is in \tvshows\showname\season_number\folder.jpg


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I've noticed the same problem, the season folder images are ending up in the main directory.
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