Trakt problem

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Hi everyone a newbie here with what would hope wold be my answer to watching tv episodes and having them let me know when new one is ready to be watched however. I have installed on my Mx2 Midnight box using Gotham 13xx and when I installed the plugin I "Do not" get any of the menu itiems you show like scrobble button etc......All I get is Default list , username etc and have set the list to Watchlist and when I launch program all I can do is add a movie and not even a TV one at that. The program seems like I am just mssing a bunch of stuff? Any help please.
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I was having same problem and it was because I installed the wrong addon, when using search option to find addons with word "trakt" in description you get the following addon options with trakt in actual addons description :-

Media Sources - List Manager
Script - trakt

You need to install trakt script and not the list manager then you will see the options within trakt.script addon settings that make sense for scrobbling what you watch to your trakt account on internet.

Note: I am very new to Trakt and I've not read up and understood use of the Trakt list manager within xbmc yet...

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