Hardware for mediaserver and Steam in home streaming

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first i would like to introduce my actual setup
Case: http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pc-q08/
Motherboard : http://www.gigabyte.ch/products/product-...id=3343#ov
Powersupply : HEC P3D300
and 4 WD Red 3 GB

i use this as twonky server, fileserver, pyload, logitech media server
ubuntu 14.04 server is installed and the system is running as raid 5

now i would like to use the case and the hdd's as a "mediasystem". the board has just a vga connector but i need a hdmi, so i have to buy a new board.
i would like to plug the mini pc with hdmi into my tv and use a mediasystem like xbmc for movies and musik to replace twonky
the hardware should be powerfull enough to run a light linux system like lubuntu,decode h.264 videos, and decode Steam Streaming
the motherboard should have >= 5 SATA Ports

i looked around and found just motherboard with lpa1150 sockel, but the cpus for this sockel require a big and/or loud cooler

any suggestions for the motherboard i could use ?
i also considered to upgrade my system with this http://www.zotac.com/de/products/graphic...0-pci.html
but don't know if this upgrade will work for steam streaming, maybe the card is powerfull enough but whats about the intel atom ?..
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