Using MCE Receiver and Remote

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I am using a MCE receiver with HP remote ( It used to work brilliantly to control my XBMC.

It now stopped working and I am not sure what I have actually done wrong. I believe it is because I have disabled Windows Media Center. I have disabled it to stop the "green button" from launching Windows Media Center.

It may have other reasons though as I have fiddled around with a few things in parallel. So, coming to my questions:

1) Is XBMC for Windows supposed to work out-of-the-box with MCE receiver and remote? Or does it require additional software such as Eventghost?

2) Does disabling Windows Media Center have any influence on the functionality of the remote?

3) Any other reasons that you can imagine stopped my remote from working with MCE?

Thanks in advance!!!

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1 i have to use xbmccustomregis to get my remote working

2 dont think so, my remote still works after disabling wmc.

3 have you done anything else recently?
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Did you test the remote in another system?
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