Searching for movies with missing info?

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dkplayaclub Offline
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OK so my movie list has several fields telling me whether or not my movies have Posters, Fanart, .nfo files, trailers, subtitles and extra fanarts (not to mention watched status). This makes checking the entire library very easy. Can i ask EMM to return me a list of only movies missing other fields? I want to make sure all my movies have censorship ratings, taglines etc., but the only way I know to do that now is to go through movie by movie which takes very long since I have about 2,000 movies in my collection.
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DanCooper Offline
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Ember has only a filter for additional content like images, trailers...

If you want that we add also a NFO field filter, please create a feature request:
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Cocotus Offline
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I recently submitted a feature to export your Ember movie database to csv file (will be unter Tools->Export in mainmenu bar). You can use that to import your Ember movie database to excel (or calc software from open office) to filter empty fields - I used that in the past with success to find out what movies had no Rating and outline.
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FreeMan xbmc Offline
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I'm a little late to the party, but I just click the icon at the top of the movie list - that will sort by checked/not-checked for that element, then you have a group to go through.

It's not a filter, per-se, but it will get the job done.
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brimnac Offline
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There is also the "Data Field:" "Is Empty" option. Use the Modifier OR if you want to use multiple, but I generally just do one Data Field at a time.

Maybe I'm missing something or this *wasn't* a feature a while back, but I think that's more what the person was looking for then the visible icons in the movie list.
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