streaming sat box to xbmc outside home network??

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hey guys,this is my first post and i was looking to stream channels from my set top box to xbmc outside my home network(remotely) , i can do this from inside my network with no problems using the vu+ client and the simple pvr client, but i want to be able to do this at my dads house and access my sat box through xbmc there! i have heard this can be done but im not sure where to start and what client to use, if anyone has done this could you please share with me how you done it and point me in the right direction, im sure some settings on my router will have to be changed to allow connection from outside the network.
any help would be great,
thanks for the help,
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Does you home broadband router provide VPN functionality? That would be the most secure method.

Alternatively you could port forward the necessary protocols for the Sat box through your router but this is less secure.

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