AppleTV 2 (black) - NitoTv won't allow me to select any package within the Install software Menu

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swiedeboy Offline
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Hi Guys !

I am pretty new with all this
so first, thank you for your time.

I bought an appleTV 2 (jailbroken)..
The XBMC which was already downloaded (13.2 Gotham) but it closed itself right after opening it.. *every time*
After reading through this forum i deleted it and wanted to just reinstall it my self through NitoTv (org.xmc.xbmc-atv2), but unfortunately I can not select ann packages to even click on download.

Only the small menu which offers fix dependen. / dpkg confi. / APT autore. / Restart Lowtide shows up the rest ist technically numb.

What can I do to get everything to run smoothly ?!
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Ned Scott Offline
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So don't use the Nito installer. I'm sorry, but there's posts everywhere that scream the URL for the instructions on how to install XBMC on an ATV2. One of which is in this very forum and says "READ ME FIRST". Those instructions go on to say that you should use the command line instructions.
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