Work in Progress - "PseudoLibrary" Strm Generator w/ Library Integration: AMAZON/HULU/NETFLIX

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What kind of tuner do you have?
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It's a Hauppage 950q plugged into a laptop running Vista. Currently handles my ATSC channels just fine through NPVR. In the research I've done, I know I could plug it into my Chromebox running OpenELEC and run both OTA and .strm files through tvheadend instead, which I believe can remux the streams if needed, but then I'd have to install my indoor antenna in the living room, which I'd prefer to avoid. I also know I could run all this through PTVL, but I'd really prefer to use Kodi's native LIVE TV menu just as I currently do, only now w/ add'l internet live stream channels, and w/o worrying about the skin change that comes w/ PTVL. Hope that all makes sense.
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