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Cornellus Offline
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Since a few hours soundcloud has stop working normally. Some tracks are playable, but the majority won't play anymore.

It seems to occur when the add-on tries to connect to the host : ""

Am I the only one experiencing this issue ?

Is the problem coming from soundcloud server, a change in the API or maybe it's related to the issue of the 07 november : "error saving track metadata", and the track I'm trying to listen hasn't its link updated yet...
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j040v170r Offline
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Post: #92
So, hey, I'm using Kodi(16.1) for Android and I tried to listen something in Soundcloud's Kodi Addon and everytime I tried to play something it always crashes. No message error, nothing, he only gives the message "capturing signal"(Or something like that, I don't use the english version) and crashes. How can I fix it?

Image of the problem(It's in portuguese, sorry):
[Image: tygEEUA.png]
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tgunergun Offline
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Hey there,

Is there any way to display SoundCloud content as a channel in the Music Library tree when connected to kodi with a DLNA client and search/play it from there to a DLNA renderer?

many thanks

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PantsOnFire Offline
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Post: #94
Some news (not great) but I thought the developer might like to know.

Using android SoundCloud app, to play on Kodi, usually share button, then Play On Kodi works 100%.
But from today it has stopped working. --possibly SoundCloud has changed something?

(I discovered this after finding out that SoundCloud has decreased bitrate of music playing on Android mobile app).

My band -
My systems - MEDIASERVER: ASRock 330, 1.6GHz DualCore Atom, GeForce9400 ION, 2GB ram
STAND-ALONE: Raspberry Pi2 MODEL B, OSMC Kodi15.2 compiled: Sept 27th 2015
XboxLive Gamertag - SkillipEvolver
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bino91 Offline
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(2016-05-28 15:28)biberesser Wrote:  
(2016-05-21 19:22)hvalbrecht Wrote:  Is there any way I can disable the SoundCloud logo overlay during fullscreen visualization?

Addon settings -> disable "Show Fanart"

i´m not finding this in kodi17? plz help
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zitoon Offline
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Post: #96
Hello !
I'm unable to connect Soundcloud plugin on my account.
I signed on Soundcloud with a gmail address, and always have an error when typing my credentials.
Any idea ?
Thank you !
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wb9688 Offline
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Post: #97
Where can I find the source code? I want to contribute, but doesn't exist anymore…
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