[RELEASE] NHL Gamecenter Plugin

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(2014-12-10 20:59)sdsnyr94 Wrote:  
(2014-12-06 06:34)cookiemonster70 Wrote:  I have added an option to select the CDN Server. This should help those with buffering issues select an alternate server. I have submitted it to ellisd and just awaiting for him to accept the update.

Any chance you could also share this with Timewasted on his plugin : http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...gamecenter

His has the ability to start a game from the beginning, which is a huge plus for me...

I have not had a chance to look at his plugin yet but was planning on it. After I do I see about contributing to it. You may ask him to implement it.

I have not heard back from ellisd. So anyone interested in using this version (0.8.2) can install from zip from my repository here:

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Streaming Issue - Pivos XS

I am going to post this here - it may be the wrong area though.

I have an Android Pivos XS Box which runs Tofu - which is a fork of XBMC 13.2. I have an issue with thumbnail generation that led me to install XBMC 13.2 and Kodi RC3 to try instead of Tofu.

Basically - playing with Tofu - 5000 kbps streams play perfectly.

But, when I played with XBMC 13.2 - the 5000 kbps video stream played like it was in slow motion. Audio playback was fine. When I switched to 3000 kbps - everything played ok - but doesn't look as good.

I switched back to Tofu - 5000 stream played perfect - immediately switched to XBMC - couldn't use 5000 stream. Rebooted - XBMC video slow motion, switch to Tofu - everything was fine. Completely erased all app data - and tried only the NHL Gamecenter plugin - XBMC sideloaded - video slow, Tofu - perfect playback. I did this again with Kodi as well - same results.

With all the switching back and forth I'm confident that it's not a network condition as the results were always consistent.

Not sure exactly sure why there would be a difference here (maybe decoder related?). I was kind of surprised that Tofu was so much better in this regard.

I posted about this on the Pivos support forums here:

They suggested that I post here. If I have the wrong area - can you let me know?
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