Release - Autoadd missing episodes

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Hi. I read this topic and i thought i could do something about that with an addon and here it is. I only tested myself so I need testing and feedback from users.
My addon when launched search for missing episodes (you can choose if you want to add special and not aired episodes or not) and creates a stub file in the addon_data folder and scrape them in the library.
So you'll have all episodes in the library and when you will play a missing file you will get a message error (only if you haven't a dvd/bd in the disc reader, see limits section).
With an option in the settings addon you can choose if the addon adds also specials and not aired effects, if it creates a playlist in the playlist folder to have a list of missing files and if you want to run it automatically after every video library scan.

The addon is not stable yet! make a backup of your data before to test it. It should be safe but just in case make a backup!
The addons needs a video source with "special://profile/addon_data/service.autoadd/tvshows/" in the paths to work with thetvb as scraper. If you don't have it create it. Without this source the tool won't start.

There's no way to make episodes in the list grey or something like that. 99% the missing episodes are the ones without any logo (no resolution, studio, audio etc etc logo).
If you have a dvd or bd in your drive the error message won't appear and it will play the dvd/bd. This happens because to display the message i use disc stubs. It's the only way i can display a message.

Here's the download:
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Pretty useful, thanks for this...but... (there's always a but, isn't there?)

Is there a way to ignore previously watched episodes?

Big Grin
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