upgraded xbmc now up down buttons are skip ahead and back

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tylerhay Offline
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I recently had my brother upgrade my xbmc to a newer version. Now when I press up on my remote, it skips ahead like 10 minutes and pressing down skips back 10 minutes. Up and down used to be volume up and down! How do I get it back to volume up and down. This is very frustrating.
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basketballmail2 Offline
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It depends on what kind of remote you use. Is it an MCE Remote an iMON Remote etc.

Check out these articles here:

IR / RF Remote Controls for Windows: Links to Explanations, Tutorials, and Guides

[WINDOWS] HOW-TO use a Logitech Harmony Remote with XBMC

WiKi - Keymap

I hope this helps.
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It's always been that way, if you had different behaviour then you must have changed the default key mapping at some point in the past.
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