Windows - LCDProc error - iMON Hardware

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ok. so I made the switch from WMC to XBMC Gotham and thus have enjoyed the experience. Everything seems to play and work seamless. The customization is amazing. There is one issue that I have come across. I cannot get LCDProc to communicate to my iMON LCD (in a Antec Fusion HTPC case).

This is my setup:
Windows 7 x64
iMON LCD running iMON Manager 8.12.1202
XBMC Gotham v13.2

Here are the errors relating to LCD found in the %appdata%\xbmc\userdata\xbmc.log:
NOTICE: Problematic iMON hardware detected. Joystick usage: disabled.
NOTICE: PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralBus::Register - new imon device registered on usb->\\?\usb#vid_15c2&pid_0038#6&3a6a7fd9&0&3#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}: iMON HID device (15C2:0038)

ERROR: ### [XBMC LCDproc] - Connect: Caught exception, aborting.
ERROR: ### [XBMC LCDproc] - Connect failed. Retry in 4 seconds

I have tried many different scenarios from creating or modifying the %appdata%\xbmc\userdata\advancedsettings.xml or %appdata%\xbmc\userdata\guisettings.xml to include the following lines:

also by creating the lcd.xml file and placing it in %appdata%\xbmc\userdata\

I have reinstalled the lcdproc app in xbmc, went through all the settings.

I have spent days to weeks on this. I have searched the forums and cant find anything at this point. I am hoping for a very simply fix.
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I'm hoping for a simple answer.
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lcdproc is a daemon which talks to the display - xbmc talks to that daemon via our lcd addon. I am not sure if lcdproc exists for windows - xbmc is not compatible with imon manager (which sounds like some sort of daemon too?)

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