Event Ghost to open addon within XBMC?

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Hi -

I have tried searching but haven't found the answer so I figured I'd try posting. I'm running XBMC Gotham on Windows 8.1.

I am using a Tivo Slide Pro remote (the one which comes with the RF dongle). I have it set up in Event Ghost using a combination of the XBMC2 plugin and the Tivo Slide Remote plugin (https://github.com/BirdAPI/tivo-slide-pro) and it works fantastic.

There are two things I would like to setup though that I have not figured out how to:

1. I would like the "Live TV" button on the remote to open the Pseudo Live TV Haddon in XBMC

2. I would like the search key on the remote to open the global search menu addon in XBMC (or, if that is not possible/too difficult, I'd settle for it opening the movie or tv search menu)

Is there anyway to create events in Event Ghost which will open add ons within XBMC? I've looked everywhere but have not been able to figure out a solution.

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