Windows - Accessing Free and legal online Movies content with Kodi?

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Hello Kodi Forum Experts,

Fairly new to Kodi/XBMC,
I am trying to confirm the following simple info, have not had any real success perusing thru all the related forum topics so far on Kodi website.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help!

**How can I Access Free and legal online Movies content with Kodi, like movies saved in my Youtube account playlists, cannot get to my Youtube account in Kodi, only get Youtube general search etc, even though logged in youtube acct in Kodi. Why?

** Can Kodi help me stream or download online movies and videos and save in desired Kodi playlists? Any Kodi tutorials or specific instructions on how to do this? Cannot seem to find yet. Thanks![/size]
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