Helix 14.0 final, bug

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sparklyballs Offline
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The context menu in library view of confluence intermittently doesn't work when using either the remote or the keyboard, a restart seems to be the only way to get it back.

Ubuntu 14.04 , kodi from ppa.
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adsi Offline
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It should be the Ubuntu's version problem, I don't have this problem in windows version.
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fritsch Offline
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Nobody knows:

a) provide logfiles, start with a Debug Log
b) Change your topic's title - so that one can see the issue on first look

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No Debug Log no issue.
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Kinematics Offline
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Possible reason: When you try to open the context menu and it fails, are you selecting the '..' (up directory) entry of a directory structure? Since that's where it drops you when you enter a new directory, you may be trying to hit the context menu for that directory and nothing happens. You have to move onto an actual 'real' item before the context menu will show up.

Anyway, that's just a random guess; it's the main reason I've seen for the context menu to not show up, and is suggested by the 'intermittently' aspect.
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