Announcing new skin, AppTV (xTV-SAF reboot)

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(Today 04:50)skywalker17 Wrote:  Sorry if I wasn't supposed to ask that question. I'm new here and I love the Apple TV skins. Hope I didn't offend anyone. Your reply was very helpful thanks!


You agreed to the forum rules when you signed up here. As there are potentially a small number of addons that can provide legal movies and you did not mention the name of any addon, I chose to believe that you must have been talking about one of the legal addons. Be warned, the moderator's see posts day in and day out that cross the line on what is acceptable and thus have little to no patience on offendind posts.

Go read the wiki post I provided a link to, stick to the rules and everything will be fine.


When postings problems, please provide build and system details.
If required a FULL debug log can now be submitted from the skin in settings->skin settings->support.
FAQ's located at :-
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