Windows - Moving MySQL database to different drive?

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Question  Moving MySQL database to different drive?
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I was looking around and didn't see this addressed elsewhere, but if I wanted to move my MySQL database to a different drive and have everything continue to work, is there a guide somewhere on how to do it? I assumed it was set up on my C:\ by default but that drive is very full and I would like to move it to a drive with more free space.

Related, I currently have MySQL set up on my Windows Kodi/HTPC machine. When the time comes I am going to need to migrate off of that machine to a better one, since it is simply an older computer I built in 2007. Is there also a guide for Migrating the MySQL database to a different machine completely?

I'm not very familiar with MySQL & databases, and simply followed this guide to get me going, so any additional info would be helpful if someone is able to provide it.

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