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Lunatixz Offline
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[Image: feature-request-banner.jpg]

Post your feature requests below, but this isn't a discussion page. Posts will be deleted as features are added or if the post is unrelated to a request.

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tromy Offline
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Don't know if it's possible but It would be great if you could change the order of channels through the in app manager without having to rebuild each channel and its advanced rules.
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tommymsw Offline
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I mentioned this on the other tread, but I would like the "auto-tune" to be able to section off channels into categories.So you have all your "news" channels in one range, "cartoons" in another and so on. We could add a "tag" to a channel when added to the community list and that tag would determine what channel range that channel would fall into. Like 50-59.
PTVL must somehow know a category when using the color codes in the program guide? Not sure how hard it would be to add that to the channel configuration.
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tommymsw Offline
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Two separate "logo" options would be great! Like one logo for the EPG and then another for the logo on the screen. I would like 2 formats, a rectangle logo in the EPG and a more square one for the screen logo.
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orbosphere Offline
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JSON / XML / any webservice to interact with EPG data, and perhaps even control/manipulate PTVL.
I'm an iOS dev and I'm itching to control or even view (UPnP mirroring?) PTVL from my iPad/iPhone.
If you can point me in the right direction I'd love to contribute some dev hours towards this goal.
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ZwartePiet Offline
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Repackage the add-on into a PVR backend!

I know, I know, there are core features that need to be added to Kodi for everything to work... but a reduced feature release (e.g. IPTV/HDHomerun streams only) would still be awesome. Angel

Adding recording support would also be useful. SiliconDust makes this easy on their newer UPnP players with the wget command. You could probably use cron as crude backend for scheduling recordings.

[Solved] - I had a fork of IPTV simple that I was toying with... unfortunately media support is limited for the backend, So I abandoned the project.
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Chambers Offline
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2 requests

1. If a stream fails, fallback on the last stream that was playing (not try to go to the next channel)

2. Allow user to tell PTVL number of retries to try before failing (currently the default is 5)

[Solved] - PseudoTV Live already does both...

1. PseudoTV Live has three fallbacks, change channel up, change channel down and change channel to last playing channel. Which fallback gets triggered depends on your navigating behavior... ie if you flip channels up, or down, or if you jumped to another channel.

2. Setting under misc. Playertimeout.
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bornagainpengui Online
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Would it be possible to disallow the ability to go backwards in time, so that if it were say 4:23 pm right now, you would be unable to scroll pastwards into 3:30 pm--so instead it would land on the network logo and display information (if any available) about the network? I see some networks created that I have no idea what they are but the logo looks interesting. It'd be nice to get information on the network by highlighting the network name. This is the way it works on DirecTV, I don't know if other settop boxes operate the same way from other providers.
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