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Baxter300 Offline
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Post: #226
I'm experiencing a bit of an issue with the scrolling on my widgets

I only started using the skin last week so this could easily be user error, but I couldn't find any information on it in the forum.

I have a widget and the scroll position seems to go off the screen, as well as not highlighting the movie that the description is for (I think the second part might be by design). When I first started using the skin, the description was for the left hand movie, it would then move the second and the widget would scroll, then on to the 3rd so on and so forth. After rebuilding this no longer seems to work

Hopefully these help highlight my issue


EDIT: (by jurialmunkey) -- Please don't discuss banned add-ons in these forums as it's against forum rules. I've edited your post as the reference to the banned add-ons is not necessary (seems to be a more general bug than related to the add-on). Normally I would simply delete such posts but the post will serve an important reminder to look into this general bug.
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tomb66 Offline
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Post: #227
Where is zeroconf option? I have the latest Arctic Zephyr from "Get More". It's not at Services > General
Running kodi 17 (Play Store) on android 5.1 TV box. Huh
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D-m-x Offline
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Post: #228
Is anyone here able to use Trakt Infos as Widgets, for example Trending Movies provided via Extended Info Script. If I select that it won't display any data, TDMB Popular Movies via Extended Info Script are perfectly fine as Wiget, the Data is displayed perfectly.
I remember this worked some time but I'm not sure if the Script Changed or something in the Skin Code.

I'm sorry if I'm wrong, in that case just feel free to delete my Post. I will also add a Log if I'm at home later.

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pusb87 Offline
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Post: #229
Im reluctant to call this a bug but i've read on this Kodi forum somewhere that you do not need to allow widget reloading with Kodi 17.

However, if i disable it i find that my custom backgrounds for main menu items are "randomly" changed to other pictures from elsewhere..i know not where !
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kees667 Offline
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Post: #230
Running Libreleelec 8.01 (latest currently). Went from Estuary to this skin but in main menu I can't find settings. Also tried menu keys etc. Addons sub menu has 4 sub items and the fourth cant be seen (Movies also has last item empty).

Now trying to go back to confluence somehow.

Update: addons was in menu, reinstalled confluence and selected yes to run it. Reinstalled arctic then from zip here and after install stayed in the menu I saw. Strangely the menu I saw was customized and had no settings. Reset to factory settings and voila, working menu again. Still not sure why I got a menu without settings though.
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80sretroparty Offline
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Post: #231
I've been having the same issue highlighted by Baxter300 in post #226 at the top of this page.

When using vertical home page layout with a widget, the carousel doesn't behave as it used to. Previously, the row of posters scrolled every few seconds and the fanart/description always related to the left-most poster. Since updating however, the fanart/description scrolls through each item but the row of posters doesn't start scrolling until the 8th or 9th item, meaning that the fanart/description often relates to an item that's off the screen.

Example of how it behaved previously:
[Image: 1sZ6zbm.jpg]

And this is how it behaves now:
[Image: HFhdj2g.jpg]

Is this a known bug? Any way to fix it?

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