Windows - (NEED HELP) rom collection browser

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Hi there, I'm having a problem with my rom collection browser. I'm importing psx games on to it but it seems to skip a few of the games, one of them I previously imported before. It showed up fine but now with a few new games I added they wont show up after I do the import. I have about 35 games and only 31 show, not sure if that matters how many you have. when I do the import I select for scraping mode interactive and I use giantbomb, thegamedb and maws.mameworld. also I have the games files in there own folder named with the exact name as the files. When I created the playstation rom collection for the rom file mask I put in every file type in the game folders, this what I put to be exact *.iso,*.bin,*.ccd,*.cue,*.ecm,*.sub any help would be really appreciated.

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