Linux - Judder / Skipping unordered frames Nvidia ION

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I have an Old Acer Revo Atom/Nvidia ION currently running kodi 14.2 . Since Kodi 14.x/Ubuntu 14.4 32 bit was installed I have serious Judder, skipping and frames out of order. This does not happen on all videos but mostly on 1080p streams. I have yet to see this issue on 1080p files playback, although many 1080p files do take several seconds to stabilize.

I see there are plenty of older how-tos and fixes for Nvidia ION, but finding noting for ubuntu 14.04 with with kodi 14

I turned off "Prefer VDPAU video Mixer" in video settings, and the 1080p is then smooth, however this makes the SD look very blurry

Anyone have suggestions for a Video driver version and xorg.conf for the current crop of nvidia drivers on 14.04 32 bit?

Thanks in advance.

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I wonder what would happen if you dropped back to Ubuntu 12.04? I have an Acer Revo running Kodi and haven't noticed the problems you've mentioned, but I have noticed others, such as Kodi occasionally crashing in the middle of playing a video for no apparent reason. But then again, I don't like watching SD stuff much, and on the rare occasion I do watch it I don't expect it to be high def. You could try playing with the VDPAU Sharpness (I think it is called) in the video settings to overcome some of that, if you haven't already. Note I am talking here about the video settings available from the on screen display that you get when you hit Enter or OK while a video is playing, NOT the video settings you get to from the Kodi setup screen.

I'm guessing you've probably seen this article already but if not, it may contain something useful. Or not, it's been a while since I've actually read it.

I am NOT a coder, in fact I am not very comfortable in Linux outside of a GUI. I am just a user of Linux and XBMC, as my user name implies.
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