Mac OS X - [Feature request, kind of] Candelair hint

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Considering how often
- people run into problems with the internal IR receiver on Macs,
- Apple constantly breaks support with each new OSX update and
- how Candelair usually fixes it,
I thought that maybe the remote section in Kodi's settings on OSX should point people to Candelair.

What do the devs think? Is this too much of an endorsement of that software?
I know Candelair is referenced in the Mac FAQ in the wiki, but it's kind of obvious that a lot of people head straight to the forums for help.

And no, I have no affiliation with iospirit, I just posted about their driver in response to remote questions on this forum several times to help. Others have as well. And I am sure we will continue to do so, but
1. it does get repetitive and
2. some people might not come to the forums OR the wiki, so having the pointer inside Kodi might help them.
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