strange "add source" issue, how to fix?

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skawalker Offline
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So it's like this:

running Kodi 14.2 on a Mac mini via hdmi to my tv as a HTPC

I have a hard drive that I connect to the Mini that acts as my movie drive.

I do NOT leave it constantly connected cause its a bit noisy, and its always spinning.

I went to turn it on today, and Kodi only recognized two movies on the drive, though I checked via FINDER and they are all still there and complete.

I went to Files, Add Source, chose the drive, and my first issue was that I could not rename to give it a Kodi, local name other than the name I already call it.

I could click in the rename box to highlight it, but no keyboard/typing options came up, so i left the name the same.

THEN when I hit OK to proceed to the next page where you tell Kodi what kind of files are in the Source folder/drive, I got this:

[Image: dAgPckS.png]

So i can't figure out why I can't tell Kodi that there is movies, music, photos, etc. in this folder, and this is all it gives me...

Am i missing something? doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!
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Martijn Offline
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skin is not supported in 14.2

Do NOT e-mail Team-Kodi members asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, make sure you read this first
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skawalker Offline
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(2015-05-31 18:12)Martijn Wrote:  skin is not supported in 14.2

I will change this directly and report back!

THANK YOU for the fast response!

BTW, any recommendations on a similar skin that IS already supported in 14.2?
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