Release - Netflix style next up notification

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I'm having an issue with the addon when trying to play the next item after the pop-up appears. I disabled the post-play screen, as I don't want to wait through the credits to start the next episode. When the next episode pop-up appears, I press Enter/Ok on my remote to play the item. At that point Kodi crashes out to my Ubuntu server terminal. I'm running Ubuntu Server 16.4.2 LTS and the latest stable version of Kodi 17. I tried a fresh re-install with the removal of the addon data folder and that seemed to work for a show or two, but the problem re-appeared.

Here's the log I captured just now, hopefully it shows something.
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(2017-03-18 23:44)Razze Wrote:  
(2017-03-17 21:39)kiwistream Wrote:  Hi Team,

I was receiving an error that next episode just wouldn't play, error log stated line 107 of has an error.

id = result["result"]["item"]["id"]

The above line should say

playerid = result["result"]["item"]["id"]

I saved my work, restarted Kodi and BOOM!!!! now Nextup works perfectly,
Not sure if the error is something that has happened during install but happy to say Nextup is working.

Also noticed that Nextup won't play a show that has been added to the library via Metalliq.

Nope, that's not a valid fix. You just set the playerid which will never be used again and set the let the id parameter be set empty and send to kodi.

Your probably trying to run this in an unsupported way? So are you using local media files?

Yes from library, since new update rolled out, no error and service is working perfectly.
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I have some strange behavior/bug to report.
Using 1.0.35 Version, Kodi 17, i have all settings on default except 'still there' option on 1 episode.
When playing stops after 1 episode of not interacting, and i press back to exit postplayscreen, i can exit just fine, but pressing back again doesn't take me to home screen, instead it takes me all through sources>videos>files... and eventually on home screen.
Like it somehow loses focus of hierarchy structure, has this behavior been reported before?

I'm not sure what condition triggers this, i was playing a smart playlist, and waited until playing stopped..
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