Kodi on the Road?

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nekrosoft13 Offline
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I have a crazy idea of putting a small Kodi "server" in the back of the car.
This idea is to stream cartoons for my one year old baby, in the backseat when we go on a long trip.
This will also allow me or my wife to use wifi remote from front to control kodi and change movie or show.

plan is to use a travel router in the back of the car.
something like this: http://www.hootoo.com/portable-travel-router.html

The travel router would have a hard drive plugged into it, working as NAS.

Most of the travel routers can be powered by 5V through USB. One piece of puzzle that i'm still missing is how to keep the travel router a life when I stop the car for example at gas station.

I was thinking about getting a portable battery pack that would be plug in between the car and router, so even when I turn the engine off the battery would be able to keep the router a life for next couple minutes.

Is anyone aware of any portable battery packs that run all the time? most I seen require you to press a button to start charging.
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katsup Offline
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I would personally keep it simple with a tablet, bluetooth remote and some velcro. Get a tablet with a SD card slot so you can add space as needed.

As for your battery question, I have one that auto detects, it is an older version of this:
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z31fanatic Offline
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Agree with the above poster. A $100 Android tablet with an SD card slot is the best and cheapest solution.
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Topken Offline
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I would personally use something like this to do it


It has built in Wifi plus a battery and a USB port for plugging in a hdd/flashdrive it will stay powered on when the car is off just fine. You can access it with something like ES File explorer from android just fine.
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gixie Offline
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What I have is an external wifi enabled enclosure, NextAV is the brand.
It doubles as a router. I have a seagate hybrid drive in it 500gb. It has its own battery, but just in case I have a inverter with 4 USB ports, out of which two are 2.1A and two 1A. There are also three 110V AC outlets.
The kids have two Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" tablets running Kodi. The films are on the drive in the enclosure and it's fast enough for two simultaneous streams.
It's really one heck of a setup.
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Tinwarble Offline
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Like the others stated, just use a tablet. Then if you need wireless storage, something like this works pretty well: http://www.amazon.com/Passport-Wireless-...s+passport

No need for a travel router since it has direct wireless access and pass-through.

[Image: 799px-Kodi_on_Google_Play.png]
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