Aeon Madnox for Krypton / Jarvis - [RC2 Revision 0.9.1] 30/05

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Busta Uppa Offline
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Post: #6391
Anyone having an issue with the screen saver not triggering? I'm using "Dim" and it appears to work fine in other skins.
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Slipass Offline
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Hello, I have now some improvement suggestions or bugs to the skin gepostet.
Unfortunately, I do not always get an answer to it. I think others are also so. I know that not all bug messages are real errors, but often errors from the user.

But there is at least a list of requirements or an overview of the suggestions for improvement, which is evaluated by the skinner.
This could be posted on the first page.

Thus, others can see that the idea already existed and that it was rejected by the programmers or already worked on it.

For example, I would have a request to scale the thumbnails in the list view in the images menu.
I would be happy to post it again, if necessary.
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charliekay74 Offline
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(2017-05-18 10:00)meowmoo Wrote:
I loaded from there. Installed. Error still there. Im using windows 10 64bit. Ah i now see that there are two versions of kodi 32bit and 64bit to download. Which one is better to chose?!

Update: installed 32bit now. No error message anymore
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Jay19802005 Offline
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Post: #6394
Is there any way to use the glowbars that we were able to use on aeon nox silvo. Sure would like a d iffrent menu bar
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Eisi2005 Offline
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Post: #6395

I use the skin under libreelec 8.0.1 and it works very good. I use for my some of my entrys live case backgrounds. This works 1-2 days wonderful but then nothing is displayed. I only work with the suspend mode. If i reboot the box all backgrounds are fine. What amazed me is that I use the livecases at submenu entries too and there they continue to work even if the main menu no longer go. Does anyone have the same problem ? I have the box ever completely reinstalled, but has also brought nothing.
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guandms Offline
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How do i disable the BluRay poster cover from this screen ?

[Image: 20gy9w9.jpg]
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