[PUBLIC PREVIEW] Aeon MQ 6 - Helix

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Thumbs Up  [PUBLIC PREVIEW] Aeon MQ 6 - Helix
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Now it is official. As a had promised, I am publishing Aeon MQ 6 (Helix) version 2.4.0 beta 1 stable for all users.


1 - Be aware that it is a beta version, so there are still some thins that I need to be fixed.
2 - This version is destinated only to the users of Kodi Helix.
3 - This Helix version is unique and won't have updates. The work on the skin continues, but only in version Isengard. Visit the brazilian forum to obtain more information: http://www.xbmcbrasil.net/


Added: Flexible Widgets for main menu.
Added: Flags for countries.
Added: Icons for years.
Added: Style Selector for main menu.
Added: Option to load external ExtraPack.
Added: Transparency Palette for the Media Cases.
Added: New layout for Music Visualization - Layout 3 - Available in OSD settings. (thanks to Devilshura)
Added: Release Notes in Main Menu/Settings/Info Panel.
Added: Support to Extended Info script.
Added: Menu EXTRAS for show extended info content.
Added: Support to Arabic Fonts. (thanks to chakib)
Added: View Type Total Art.
Added: Media Flags for Video Studio.
Added: Media Flags for Music Record.
Added: Media Flag for Video - Top 250.
Added: Widget 'Library Status' for all sub categories: Movie/Tvshow/Concert and Music.
Added: Color Palette for the Media Labels and Bar (floor).
Added: Reset button for area. In customization window.
Added: Support for Cyrillic fonts. (thanks to Angelinas)
Added: View Type PosterList.
Added: Custom Home - Preview button for custom image background.
Added: View Type PosterLite. (thanks to CutSickAss)
Added: Main Menu/Settings - Info panel now is a Active panel.
Added: View Type ShowArt - Art size, default and big.
Added: Color Palette for the Styles (main menu bar).
Added: Color Palette for the Fonts - main menu.
Added: MPAA Rating in French. (thanks to Rififi77)
Added: Color Palettes have a 'memory' of last used color or transparency. User friend.
Added: New layout for Music Visualization - Available in OSD settings.
Improved: New Weather Window. Forecast up to 16 days.
Improved: Default Background on Windows - Now the window keeps the image used in Main Menu, including Themes and custom image.
Improved: Dialog Video Info/Artist info access. Now you can use 2 x arrow down to see artist image and press Enter to see artist information.
Improved: View type Banner and Banner Info now offer support to seasons.
Improved: Code for Flexible Widgets/Extras. (thanks to Angelinas)
Improved: Code changes to improve compatibility with non-Windows systems.

and much more....


Main menu more stylish

[Image: QuVu8ZJ.jpg]

Flexible widgets

[Image: 7d9t2pQ.jpg]

[Image: G7HOUEq.jpg]

More customizations

[Image: bO28Qtj.jpg]

[Image: DW8MGD9.jpg]

Music visualization (by Devilshura)

[Image: luDE5eV.jpg]

View PosterLite (by CutSickAss)

[Image: gg3HvrZ.jpg]

View Poster List

[Image: 1YL2sQu.jpg]

View Total Art

[Image: LKXsTKY.jpg]


Aeon MQ 6, more stable, more powerful and uses less resources from the system.



Want to know more about the skin? Liked my work and want contribute?
Visit my website
XBMC Brazilian Community Forum
By making a donation, please do not post in the forum, send me an email or PM, thank you.
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Nice.. thanks MQ!

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Can someone post a SS of the EPG for LiveTV?


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Thank you I'm downloading now ! I'm sure I won't be dissapoointed.
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moronim Online
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Hi Marcos:

Request for flexible widgets:

- Can you please add in an option for Albums - Random, and Tracks - Random?

These were available is prior Aeon MQ releases.

Thank you!
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