HOW-TO compile mplayer.dll from SVN

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Compiling Mplayer for XBMC
  • MinGW
  • MSYS
  • TortoiseSVN

Getting Source
Using TortoiseSVN
If you have TortoiseSVN, you can skip the first two steps.
[Image: checkoutmplayer.png]

Building Mplayer
Build Environment Setup
To build mplayer you need to download and install msys.
  • Get MingW 4.1.0 from SourceForge
  • Run and Choose Full (It will download about 45mb in total)
  • Get MSYS from SourceForge
  • Install MinGW to C:\MinGW (The root is the best place)
  • Install MSYS
  • Complete the questions you get after the install in a command window
  • Get GCC Core 3.4.4 from SourceForge
  • Extract GCC-Core to a temporary folder, then copy bin,lib and libexec to the MinGW folder and overwrite

You should now have both the source and the building environment to compile a Mplayer.dll

Making the Mplayer.dll
This part of the how to assumes that you did install MinGW to C:\MinGW and download Mplayer to c:\mplayer-xbmc
  • Run MSYS.BAT (located in C:\Msys\Msys.bat)
  • Command Window should show type cd /c/mplayer-xbmc
  • Type ./configurexbmc --disable-libavformat (Use the --disable-libavformat to shrink the dll further. May cause compability issues with certain codecs, yet to be determined)
  • Wait till that finshes, with luck it should have no errors/problems
  • Type make
  • Type makedll
  • Type exit

[Image: mplayer-msys1.png]
[Image: mplayer-msys2.png]

This how to is also on the wiki/manual
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