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Is there a readme or help file that explains the use and functionality of Super Favorites settings.

I'm new and trying to customize a bit but not sure how to get what I need accomplished. For example.:

- I have a few folders with several addons in each. Every addon has its own thumbnail as expected but the fanart is the same in each folder (default). I would like to change to unique fanart for each folder or make fanart background change to mirror the addon thumbnail. Is this possible?

- is it possible to remove the .. (Up arrow) so I only show the items in a folder?

- Can I disable the backspace function so you cannot go back to see kodi default addon menu when arriving in a folder from shortcut? Want to be like a. menu and do not want a new user to become confused or lost in the system.

- Can I take the default super favorite folders that is present in each addon folder?

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