Alpha - Amazon Echo(Alexa) Skill and Kodi Addon

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lopez1de Offline
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Post: #196
Any news on this Skill?
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sirius1979black Offline
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Post: #197
Hi guys

Just want to say awesome work

To the devs , who is behind this skill

One thing I'm wondering if possible

If someone could add or do

A scrip for trakt , so we could use our library

Thanks again for this

Look forward to hear from you
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msalas71 Offline
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Post: #198
Does anybody know how to marry Kodi with Alexa I've tried this one video tutorial that I found from Paul and I even it didn't ,work but he made it work... I have the Alexa skills I just can't get it to work

Sent from my SM-G935T (typie typie)
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nicgord Offline
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I am trying to set this up. I have the skill configured but when I say to get my key it say 'I am having trouble please try again in a little while'. Is it all working at the backend? Any ideas?
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