TVHeadend 4.0 setup guide

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(2016-08-15 20:08)wurlizer1928 Wrote:  Being a Linux ignoramus I do need a good step by step as so many things on linux are given missing a critical step. It is like a bomb disposal instruction which says, cut the red wire................ but not after cutting the blue wire.

Big Laugh there. It is just so true. Actually it's more like the official documentation says "cut the red wire" but buried 8 levels deep in some obscure forum someone says "... but not after cutting the blue wire"!

OnTopic: thanks for help in setting up TVH on an RPi 3. I am doing as much reading as I can due to the above. (not an observation on Kodi support, which I have found very good, but on setting up little boards/boxes in general...)
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