Release - Black Glass Nova 6.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton

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This seems to be the most up to date thread and a good place for me to post my questions. I'm a noob at Kodi so I'm hoping the questions aren't treated too harshly. I did try searching and also reading through other threads to see if my questions were answered but didn't find anything. I've been using BGN on my Android box and also in Kodi on my Mac. Here are my settings and then I'll list my problems and questions. BGN on Android box and Macbook Pro both running Kodi 17. Under configure skin I have it set to Black Glass.

Problems I've encountered
Most common - I add widgets under each section Movies, Videos, etc. I add all 5 widgets but only 2 show, then 4 will show after a while but never all of the widgets I set. Do they need to load or is there something I need to install?

Blank Kodi - I customize the skin. I deleted sections I don't use (Music, Radio, Weather), changed the labels on the sections, added widgets for each section. Customize the submenu, set thumbnails for each section. After I'm done it goes all wonky. On my Android box after making the changes when I start Kodi it will load up the videos section. If I hit backspace to go to a different section everything disappears. I just have the Kody background. I still get the sounds which means it is still working but for some reason nothing displays. In the end I had to reinstall Kodi and set it up again but this time I backed everything up. I'm just wondering if there are certain things that I should not be customizing? Example does customizing submenus introduce issues?

Is there a way to have my background show when going into a widget etc. I'll set a custom background for the section but when I go into a widget it will show the default background that was previously there.
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