Beta - Advanced Emulator Launcher - Multi-emulator frontend for Kodi

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(Yesterday 23:18)sagrath Wrote:  
(Yesterday 22:27)Wintermute0110 Wrote:  
(Yesterday 22:24)sagrath Wrote:  Because it´s a Pc Games, not roms. I know, I can create a rom collection for pc games, but, I can´t insert this inside Pc Games category.
If they are standalone launchers then create lnk files so you will convert the standalone launchers into ROMs. Then you will have access to collections. Also, it's much easier and quicker to create a lnk file than a standalone launcher i think.

Tis is good to know!
But, If I use .lnk as a "rom", what "laucher" I must use? explorer.exe? Works?
AEL allows to create an special LNK launcher. You won't be asked for a launcher application
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(2017-03-21 02:02)Roxxas21 Wrote:  
(2017-03-17 15:47)Wintermute0110 Wrote:  
(2017-03-16 21:48)blinken Wrote:  -f -g launch commands worked. I tried them before to no avail. I literally spent an hour trying to get those commands to work. They worked today for some reason. Can't explain it but it must be my fault... Thanks for the help.

Great it worked Big Grin I know sometimes is tricky to configure AEL... some quotes missing and nothing works, etc.

OK, now that you got it working, if you are using 0.9.6-beta1 then go to AEL settings >> IO tab >> "Export launcher configuration ..." This will save an XML file with the configuration of all your launchers. Copy and paste the <launcher> section for CEmu on Windows and post it here so I can add it to the AEL asset library so other users can configure CEmu quickly.


<name>Nintendo WII U</name>






<plot>Discover an exciting new way to enjoy home entertainment with Wii U, Nintendo's next home console. With a revolutionary new touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics, a whole new world of play styles and gaming possibilities is on the horizon. The time is coming to truly expand your idea about what a game console is - and can be.</plot>

<platform>Nintendo Wii U</platform>


<args>/high -f -g "%rom%"</args>






Added xbox 360 config.


<name>Xbox 360</name>




<studio>Microsoft Game Studios</studio>


<plot>Xbox 360 puts you at the center of the most exciting games and entertainment experiences on earth. Xbox 360 not only has the best, highest-rated games, and the most robust title library, but it also offers access to the industry-leading Xbox LIVE service and tailored digital entertainment experiences that revolve around you.</plot>

<platform>Microsoft Xbox 360</platform>


<args>--fullscreen --gpu=gl4 "%rom%"</args>


<rompath>E:\Kodi\Games\Xbox 360\ROM\</rompath>


<path_assets>E:\Kodi\Games\Xbox 360\MEDIA</path_assets>


@Wintermute0110 Added the rpcs3 emulator but no fullscreen mode as it is not implemented yet:


<name>Sony Playstation 3</name>






<plot>The Playstation 3 computer entertainment system unleashes a brilliant, high-definition entertainment experience. Featuring the powerful Cell Broadband Engine, Playstation 3 delivers an experience beyond anything you know today. With a built-in Blu-Ray Disc drive, Playstation 3 system invites you to high-definition graphics and digital entertainment. Whether it's high-definition gaming, Blu-ray movies, music or online service, Playstation 3 invites you to Play Beyond.</plot>

<platform>Sony PlayStation 3</platform>







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