Questions regarding moviesets and artwork

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Hey guys.

I'm new to Ember but really loving it so far. I have a question about moviesets and artwork. Perhaps I'm just not understanding how they work.

As an example, I have the Dark Knight Trilogy. It's in a Dark Knight folder with three subfolders underneath. One for each movie. They are bluray iso files. The movies have already been scraped by ember and have nfos and artwork etc. I then created a movieset for the Dark Knight trilogy. The trouble is, when I scrape the movieset and choose artwork for the movieset, the artwork disappears as soon as I click OK. The artwork isn't saved in Ember or on the hdd as far as I can tell. I've have tried to update library, reload, etc., but as far as I can tell, the artwork is gone.

I checked the documentation and searched but couldn't find anything specific to my problem. I kind of think I'm not doing it right or have something not enabled, but everything I have checked seems to be okay.

Thanks for any help. I'm using Ember BETA.
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First you have to set a common folder for all movieset artwork in Settings, MovieSets, Files and Sources. If want use use the Kodi Interface, enable all checkboxes for KI, otherwise enable all checkboxes in Addons, MSAA.

If you want use KI, also set the same folder (local path or smb) in KI Host ssettings.
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