New EPG Style Program Idea?

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Hi all, am new to the forums but a longtime casual user of KODI and I've always had the idea for my ideal program, think of a simple EPG just for your favorites / addons. All yer stuff on one screen so to speak. I know some skins allow this to a degree but not an EPG style. Anything you can fav can be added to it. This is my dream. Other EPG's/programs seem overly complex and unwieldily to me. Even a full fledged skin with this as the homescreen would rock my rocks....Maybe even allow sections, for local media, online radio, video feeds, etc. Included is a horrible created example, sorry but
I'm creatively challenged.. I'd be happy to pitch in financially,etc if someone could work this out heh..... I apologize if this is in the wrong place, not sure where it exactly fits in on the forums...
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