Kodi 16 - After upgrade from 16.0 beta 5 to 16.1 stable audio out of sync

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Dear Community,

I have upgraded Kodi from 16.0 beta 5 to 16.1 from 2016-04-24. Since I have done it most of the movies run slower and audio is out of sync. Even the movies that I was watching recently I cannot watch again.

I have tried to install also Kodi 17.0 unstable from PPA, but this didn't solved the issue.

In the end I have downgraded the kodi to 16.1 but I don't know how to downgrade to 16.0 beta 5.

In the meanwhile I was trying to install with:
apt-get install --install-suggests kodi
but new encoders didn't solved the issue as well.

I am using intel atom, but as I said, the issue is also for movies that were running before.

Some of the movies has x264 some h264 but in the end it doesn't matter.
Difference is with resolution, movies H264 and 1080p are slow and out of sync. Smaller movies H264 in 720p are more less fine.

It looks like new version require better CPU ? if yes, than please help me to install older version or anything that helps.

Thanks and looking forward for any hints

to update it to 16.1 I have also run command
apt-get upgrade
which updated a lot of packages. Maybe here is the issue to rollback >?
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In the end I have solved the issue in quite brutal way ... I have uninstalled the kodi like on wiki

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remove kodi*
sudo apt-get purge kodi*
rm -r ~/.kodi/

after new installation everything works like on beta version. Looks like during upgrade something went wrong and after whatever I did, Kodi still remembers some wrong settings or encoders or whatever else.
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