Does XBMC support AVCHD / Blu-ray format (.m2ts & .m2t & .evo extensions)?

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In my collection I have such subtitles with .txt only. And I don't remember seeing anything other than .txt.
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Thank spiff! Its very very good news. MPL2 support will be ported to all versions of XBMC: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows?

Here is funded MPL2 specification over net:

Quote:MPL2 Subtitle Format

MPL2 is a time-based subtitle format. It is much more accurate than the common TMP time-based format (0:00:00), and easier to synchronize with different versions of the same movie than frame-based formats (like mDVD - {0000}{0000}).

Time indexes in MPL2 format are in square brackets:

[123][456] Sample subtitle

Where the first number is the time when the subtitle appears, and the second number is the time when the subtitle disappears. The time is given in decaseconds (0,1 s). [123][456] means that the subtitle appears in 12,3 second of the film, and disappears in 45,6 second.

You can get more than one line in one subtitle by separating the lines with the | character.

[123][456] Line 1|Line 2

Italics is used by putting / at the beginning of the line (not the entire subtitle).

[123][456] /Sample subtitle

[123][456] /Line 1|Line 2

(first line in italics, second line normal)

[123][456] Line 1|/Line 2

(first line normal, second line in italics)

[123][456] /Line 1|/Line 2

(both lines in italics)

Players supporting MPL2

MPlayer (older versions after installing this patch)
Koala Player

Format MPL2 was created by Nestor and Arthur Sikora (the maker of SubEdit). It is based on Marcin Wichary's MPL format, but because of some changes it's more universal.

Last update: 28/06/2004.



In addition to the documented tags (/, \ and _), MicroDVD tags seem to be commonly used with this format, hence we will allow both with a preference to the MPL2 tags.


[311][327]I'm gonna get those fuckers!
[334][380]This ain't the Bronx, right?|I'm gonna get the motherfuckers!
[387][420]I'm gonna corner him,|the motherfucker!
[422][461]First one we see, straight up,|we whack the fucker!
[462][476]Kneecap the fucker!
[478][500]People just stood and watched.
[503][527]- He stared at me.|- They're fuckin' losers.
[530][550]The twins were there.
[551][580]I swear on the Koran|I'll kill 'em both.
[584][606]Who are these motherfuckers?
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spiff Offline
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it's one source base for everything != xbox, i.e. it was added to all platforms when i commited the patch.
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Is it possible for XBMC to playback discs created using this method?
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hi, back on the original subject about AVCHD support, please see the ticket I opened for .m2ts files from my Panasonic digicam not playing 100% correctly on Dharma:


Not sure what the current status is, the workaround I chose is that I first convert the files to a AVI with AVS video converter. This is not at all ideal of course.
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