4K HDR Video not working - Kodi 17 RC3

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cyber201 Offline
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Hi to all, Kodi 17 RC3 support HDR files?
If I play an HDR files through Kodi, the TV don't recognize it, but if I play the same file directly to the TV through an USB storage, it works.

My Hardware is:
Intel i7-6700
GeForce GTX 1060
Denon X3300
TV samsung 65KS8000
Windows 10

All connections are made with an High Speed HDMI cable support HDMI 2.0b
My Geforce driver is settings with 4:2:2 60Hz and 10 bit color.

What's is wrong?

Thanks a lot
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goodton Offline
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Native HDR-display support is not yet there in Windows 10, according to Microsoft should be coming as an update during 2017. Although some games can trigger HDR-mode by sending the needed metadata information to display, they are using custom API typically provided by GPU-supplier.
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