Simply text-sender for Android

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Hello everybody.
I wrote a program to send text from Android to the search box in one touch.

Use the on-screen keyboard on the TV in the search box very uncomfortable.
The applications for remote control of media center Kodi is very cumbersome and does not allow you to quickly start typing and sending text.

My application text-sender provides type on your mobile device and remote send it directly to the search box of the media center.

- Voice command to send text to the media center Kodi. You can select any voice command through which typed text will be sent to the media center.
- You can configure the program for voice dialing and sending a text with one touch. Starting voice typing immediately at startup of application.
- Possible to send the text to several media centers. This setting is useful if you have multiple media centers Kodi and you do not want to choose each time which of them send text.

Since the app is paid, I will not post a link to it. Very expensive - 23 cents Smile
Otherwise, it will consider advertising.
Publish screenshots. I present the idea. Who knows - write for yourself.
Those who are programming problems - I can help.
Ask me.
[Image: Screenshot_20170118-102806.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot_20170118-104137.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot_20170118-104122.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot_20170118-104126.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot_20170118-104144.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot_20170118-104204.jpg]
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