Fitting more items on the screen

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The list view only allows me to see about 10 items at once, which definitely makes scrolling cumbersome since my folders tend to contain 20-80 items. The icon view is better because it allows me to see 21 items at once. On my screen, it looks like this:

[Image: qF4jp8B.png]

What would be really nice if there was a way to get rid of the icons so more items can be viewed at once. For example something like this:

[Image: 41Gncz5.png]

That would leave room for 63 items or so although I would be pretty happy if I could get up to 40 items or so.
Is there any way to modify Estouchy to be able to do something like that? If not, are there any other skins that can do this or that are easier to modify?

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