[Release] Confluence 1080 for krypton

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I'd like to share my mod of confluence for krypton.
I tried to keep the look & feel similar to the original that has suited me so well for so many years.
I used v3.0.51 from git as a base.
I then upscaled all dimensions to 1080 before adding in some extras.
No dependencies were added.

- Added "Swidgets" (that's right: you read it first here, lol) for fast & easy switching of widget content
- Added 2 add-on shortcuts per HomeItem for 7 total
- Added 5 custom-path options to home-widgets (except weather & programs)
- Added a section to skinsettings to manage widget-content
- Added appropriate onclick-actions to weather- & program-widgets
- Added custom_overlay and grids (Debug, Layout & Phi)
- Added Favourites to powermenu
- Added dyslexic and icon-fonts
- Added install-option & fallback-icon to all add-on shortcuts
- Added Musicvideos-button to Home
- Added Open- and LibreELEC-button to Program's submenu
- Added option to disable widgets per type
- Added preset and clear-option to widget- & addon shortcuts-section in skinsettings
- Added seperate add-on shortcuts to all HomeItems
- Added Settings to shutdownmenu (only visible if Programs is disabled)
- Added skin-settings to bootmenu
- Added smartplaylists for movies, episodes, musicvideos & music
- Added subtitle & audio actions to onup/ondown from VideoOSD's pause-button
up = subtitle download if no subtitle is present
up = sync subtitles if a subtitle is present
down = audio sync
- Added widgets to all HomeItems
- Converted to 1080
- Edited weather-layout to accomodate weather widgets' onclick-actions
- Removed System from Home (System's submenu now under Programs)

v3.0.52 available for download from here
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"Swidgets" like this very much. May have a play around with this now. Thanks !!
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