Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited

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Donna122 Offline
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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie and i need your help Smile I love music and that's why i finally want to subscribe to a streaming-service plattform. Well all of my friends are using Spotify but i've heard that Amazon is providing this service, too. Is someone using Amazon Music Unlimited and can tell me about it? Is it better than Spotify, Deezer or Tidal?

Thank you for your answer!! Smile
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sagrath Offline
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This question is hard to answer. Because the four ones have their pros and cons. I´m using Spotify more than a year, and I have no problem. Using the addon for kodi in my media center in home, or in my smartphone.

You need to check all services and see what will offer the best fit to you.
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graceinc Offline
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I use Spotify would recommend to go for it.
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king_karl Offline
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I tried Amazon Music Unlimated and i didn't really like it. They don't offer a lot of music and i didn't really got along with manuel. now I'm using deezer and I'm really happy with it. But if you still can't decided maybe this can help you.
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