TVH and IPTV channels jumping

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Hi All,

I have been using TVH and Kodi for a long time now but just added some IPTV channels to my setup and this is causing some issues.

The issue is that most the IPTV channels have issues and wondered if there was a bug with it. If I play with the channels from VLC or the TVH webui it works correctly so I assume TVH is fine and its the kodi cauing the issues.

Anyway here is a log with it jumping and also where a channel only plays the audio instead of both the audio and video..


Frontend : OpenELEC PVR runnig on Acer Revo 3700
Backend : Ubuntu 11.10 running with TVHeadend 1 x DVB-T, 1 x Dual DVB-S2
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Have you tried it without the VDPAU acceleration enabled? This would be my first idea to check, that perhaps the hardware decoding does not support the format of the stream (in the case of the missing audio). Secondly would be bandwidth related, to remedy the continuity errors.

The jumping playback looks like a series of continuity errors. This is most often the result of streaming over HTTP/TCP, because missed packets are resent, and then earlier packets arrive after later packets in the stream. UDP streams are better streaming because dropped/missed packets are just dropped/ignored. Are you IPTV sources UDP or TCP?

As far as the audio only, the Kodi log seems to show that channel being streamed does not contain a video stream, only audio streams. Therefore, this might be because it is in a video format that Kodi is not understanding.

Personally I have experienced problems where HTSP streaming does not work (especially when using the "pass" streaming profile in TVH), but using a streaming profile of transcode but passing all codecs through without transcoding (essentially repacking the stream in an MPEG-TS container) seems to allow Kodi to plays streams over HTSP that otherwise wouldn't play.
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