HOW-TO access your Apple iTunes library from within XBMC

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(2011-01-28 04:37)Bluemint Wrote:  
fpoil Wrote:this is a way to use your itunes library without importing it in the music data base of xbmc, you will havr access to your itunes library, your playlists and so on….

... it's done, you have access now to itunes library and your playlists (i've got itunes 7.6)

Just wanna thank you for your instructions.

My XBMC/Firefly is working wonderfully on my AppleTV1, with Firefly on OS X 10.6.6 and iTunes 10.1 (yah… all the latest versions.)

Very impressive especially considering it was written nearly 3 years ago!

Cheers! Nod

No longer apparently. Tried this on my AppleTV2 with Firefly (Mac) and iTunes 11 on a MacBookPro. The Library starts to load O.K. but as soon as it reaches the magic "100%" the AppleTV reboots. Anyone have the same problem?
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