VideoCD (VCD/SVCD) menu support

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Lightbulb  VideoCD (VCD/SVCD) menu support
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Is anyone up for the challenge of adding a VCD-menu/navigation library and/or a DLL to XBMC?

NOTE! Rocky Bernstein (the author of xine's vcdx plug-in) has offered to mentor any student that is willing to code this as a Google Summer of Code 2008 project for XBMC.

Since progress is otherwise going well with XBMC's own in-house developed video-player ("DVDPlayer") I thought that I post this in case someone like to take vcdnav on. If someone(s) of you are up for this challenge and/or like to do this or help out it would that would be great as with both DVD-Video menu support and VCD(SVCD-menu support XBMC will be complete as a replacement for stand-alone DVD-Video players (which all have VCD/SVCD-menu support that XBMC is missing). I'm not a programmer myself but I was thinking and hoping that it would be possible for someone to port xine's vcdlib to a library and then either integrate that into XBMC's own in-house developed video-player ("DVDPlayer").

More information on xine's vcdx plug-in (vcdx/vcdnav):
xine-vcdx (vcdnav) is an optional navigation-capable (S)VCD input plugin for xine (a free video player for Linux). xine_vcdx supports VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD, HQVCD with playback control (PBC), selections, still-frames and menus; plus an enhanced CD-DA (Audio Compact Disc) plugin. xine_vcdx aim is to add the full compliment of advanced VCD/SVCD features to xine.

xine vcdx plugin developer notes related to XBMC:
Firstly, one important thing to know here is that a non-official developer called lgtran actually ported xine-vcdnav and the vcdimager library to XBMP (XBox Media Player, XBMC's predecessor) a few years ago, however no developer on our team picked it up at that time so it was never integrated by us but his source code is still available however it is not up-to-date but maybe it could possibly contain some re-usable code(?) (or maybe just use it as a base for some ideas, he did re-designed it for XBMP's older MPlayer video-player instead or our DVDPlayer and that could be the reason that he didn't get so far (as in theory it should now be much simpler to add it to XBMC's own in-house developed video-player ("DVDPlayer"), plus the original xine-vcdnav source code been updated and ported to MinGW since then which should make it easier to port into a DLL for XBMC that can be used inside XBMC's DVDPlayer). Developers should also note that there has been many major code reorganization in the original xine plugin since; vcdimager and libcdio is not included in the vcdnav/vcdx library anymore, instead external copies of them is used for low-level disc access, etc., (read the release notes of and older version (27/05-2003) of xine-vcdx for details on this (link). Another good thing to know here is that libcdio which is a xine-vcdx dependecy is already integrated into XBMC (so might only have to link to that code/library).

Links to related sites containing source code and documentation:
- xine vcdnav/vcdx library (cvs) latest source code.
- xine vcdnav/vcdx library (cvs) code documentation.
- xine's website (inc. more development docs/info).
- xine - a free video player on
- the gnu vcdimager project website (also see here).
- libcdio - compact disc input and control library.
- VideoLAN client (VLC) is an alternative player which also has vcdnav support
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apart from that our libcdio support in xbox is very crappy. i'd say go for it. nice with a mentor with experience on this stuff.

i'd be happy to give pointers on how dvdplayer generally work, and i suspect it should be possible to incorperate in atleast a similar way as dvd's are. if not, i don't mind a reorganize of that if it's needed.

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elupus Wrote:...our libcdio support in xbox is very crappy
Yeah, libcdio in XBMC for Xbox is probably in need of an general update, that could maybe be an qualification task for GSoC?

PS! Rocky Bernstein just so happen to be the author of libcdio as well so he could maybe help review a such qualification task patch too Nod
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