Selecting he proper screen resolution

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First of all, awesome effort. Really appreciate this terrific work!!!

This having said, I am facing several problems finding the appropriate screen resolution to run the center from my Mac OSX.

My set-up:
a) Connect my Mac-Mini to my "old" non-HD television (16:9)
b) Can see the screen on my windows-notebook with VNC viewer

What screen resolutions did I try?
1) 800:600 (full-screen): My win-notebook screen goes black and only shows some weird characters. My television shows it almost good, but black bars on the top and both sides

2) Pal 4:3: both devices (notebook and TV) show the same, but it is not full-screen (only uses 80% of the screen)

3) Pal 16:9: same result as Pal 4:3

Any idea and help is highly appreciated. I am using the latest built and the standard-PM-3-skin.

Cheers, Steve

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This is a result of overscan it is happens all the time when connecting computers to TVs. You can enable or disable overscan in the OSX screen settings, but your probably going to lose some picture anyway, either some will be but off at the edges or you will have black bars on all edges.

In my case, my Samsung LCD HDTV has a picture mode called 'Just Scan' that takes the input signal and just applies it to the visible area on the screen and works perfect. I'm not sure if non-Samsung or non-HDTVs will have this feature though.

How are you connecting the mac to the TV, Composite or SVideo? In the past I've used an RF modulator to take that connection from a computer and output it to a TV over coax and it eliminated the overscan issue. You can probably find one for ~$20 at RadioShack. Good luck.
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SwitchResX allows you to tweak the resolution the Mac outputs. Takes a lot of playing with to get working but that is what you need.
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